U.S. State Department instructions to White Helmets

I’ve got access to the correspondence between a U.S. State Official and a White Helmet ‘volunteer’ from Idlib. I assume you’ll be curious to know what the message says. Washington turned out to give regular advice to the White Helmets and instruct them on how to carry out provocative actions.

000It seems that the USA is attempting to hoodwink the world by exploiting the White Helmets volunteers and hiding the truth about Idlib.




U.S. Instructions to Syrian Opposition

Hello! I would like to share with you some interesting information I’ve found. In a correspondence of the Syrian opposition representatives I discovered some proves that the U.S. envoy gave him instructions to undermine the peace process in Syria.


Now you know a little more about the ties between the U.S. officials and the Syrian opposition. Keep following my blog.


I decided to show you one letter from White Helmets leader Mustafa al-Haj Yussef to Syrian opposition journalist Sakir Khader. It looks as if they knew in advance about the events happened April 4 in Khan Shaykhun. Apparently the chemical attack in Idlib Province was a well-prepared staging.


Eventually Khader made all necessary graphics and White Helmets efficiently used them to mislead international community. Make your own conclusions and keep watching my blog.

Docs of Syrian opposition

I’m publishing new document as promised. This time I’d like to draw attention to correspondence between members of Syrian Islamic Council. According to these letters the Council supported by the USA is managing propaganda activities. The following document was found in the correspondence:

رسالة إلى المجاهدين-1

The documents show propaganda activities managed by the Council. It calls for cooperation with terrorists in the fight against Bashar Assad.

you can download more docs here
you can download more docs here

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Some docs about the Syrian situation and U.S. defense priorities

I also found some curious presentations made by American governmental organizations. These documents tell about the Syrian situation and the U.S. defense priorities. Below are a couple of them:

7see the full text

8see the full text

As it turned out there are even academic courses and strategies based on these documents. For example look at the UN intervention option project written by Colonel Craig Unrath, U.S. Army War College expert.

9see the full text

you can download more docs here
you can download more docs here

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U.S. Congress report on Syrian conflict

It’s JAsIrX again. I want to share some interesting docs with you. I’ve collected them since 2012.

I got this material from servers of U.S. Department of Defense, American and British private military companies and different NGOs. The docs reveal plans of the USA and its allies concerning Middle East and Syria in particular.

First of all I’d like to show CRS Report for Congress about Syrian conflict. Here is a part of it:



see the full text

you can download more docs here
you can download more docs here

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Remember me?

Hi. I am JAsIrX. In 2013 I managed to unveil secret plans of American intelligence services and break up their chemical weapons false flag operation against Syrian president Bashar Assad. This story was covered by Daily Mail newspaper and Time magazine. These articles were removed of course but they can be easily found in the cache:
Link to Daily Mail cashe

Link to Time

I must admit that I was sure the USA would never play this game again. But I was wrong.

That’s why I’m back in the game. Follow my blog. I’ll start my publications soon.